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Software Development


Development of desktop applications for personal

To work on a personal computer or laptop without using the Internet or local networks.


Software development for corporate computer networks

For businesses that have multiple personal computers connected to a local computer network. Allowing you to work with the system from multiple workstations located in different rooms.


Development of corporate applications for working on the Internet

For collaboration on computers located in different parts of the city or in different localities.


Development of web sites

For industrial and commercial organizations. Business card sites, promo sites, specialized sites, online stores, and content management programs for these sites.

Our partners about our work

In 2013, Svyatoslav made a website for my store and a special program for entering and editing products . A good specialist, deeply immersed in the task, delves into the essence. The work was done perfectly, thank you Very much for your cooperation!

Andrey Pokrovsky.

Owner and Director of the store "Timofey Zharov" (in the city of Zhukovsky, Moscow region) +7 925 863 71 07

In 2014, Novtehprom Ltd developed software for us to automate accounting, control and expenditure of materials and components for production. In the process of working together, Novtehprom Ltd has shown its ability to approach the tasks set with full responsibility, perform the work efficiently and on time. A distinguishing feature of Novtehprom Ltd is professionalism and organization. Recommend Novtehprom Ltd as a reliable business partner.

Andrey Kuznetsov.

Chief engineer, Deputy General Director for production of CJSC JV "Bryanskselmash"

We have been working with Novtehprom Ltd since 2013. The company has developed a website for us and is still supporting it. During this time the Novtehprom Ltd showed their high professional qualities and responsibility. Recommend Novtehprom Ltd as a reliable and stable business partner.

Kushnir Peter.

Director of the DOSAAF Russia Training and sports center in the Bryansk region